Bcsl 21 Solved Assignment 2012 Movies

BCS-55 Business Communication

Topics Covered

Block- 1 Business Social Skills and the Recruitment Process 

Unit-1 Greetings and Introduction
Unit-2 Company Profiles/Jobs and Responsibilities 
Unit-3 Getting Ready for the Job Market and Organising a Portfolio 
Unit-4 Responding to Advertisements 

Block-2 Interviews

Unit-1 Preparing for Interviews
Unit-2 Facing Interviews 
Unit-3 Phone and Walk-in Interviews 
Unit-4 Group Discussions 

Block- 3 Business Writing 

Unit-1 Features of Written and Oral Communication
Unit-2 External Communication  
Unit-3 Writing Reports  
Unit-4 Writing Proposals 

Block-4 Cross Cultural Communication

Unit-1 Communicating Across Cultures 
Unit-2 Business Travel 
Unit-3 Business Events


Chapter-1 Reading Comprehension
(Business Social Skills and the Recruitment Process, Interviews, Business Writing, Cross Cultural Communication)

Chapter-2 Grammar Section
(Contractions, Prefixes, Modals, Articles, Clauses, Phrasal Verbs, etc.—Rules and Exercises for Term-End IGNOU Exam)

Chapter-3 Writing Section
(Portfolio, Job Descriptions, Circulars, Office Orders, Reports and Interviews, Proposals, etc. for Term-End IGNOU Exam)

Chapter-4 Important Short Notes
(Various Important short notes for Term-End IGNOU Exam)

Question Papers

1. Solution Paper - Dec 2013
2. Solution Paper - June 2014
3. Solution Paper - Dec 2014

IGNOU BCA 3rd Semester Solved Assignments of MCS-014, MCS-021, MCS-023, BCS-031, BCSL-032 and BCSL-033 (Revised Syllabus) for July-January (2015 & 2016) Session is now available here at Free of Cost.

BCA Third Semester Solved Assignments Details (Revised Syllabus) 

1 – Systems Analysis and Design (MCS-014)

Assignment Marks – 100

Download MCS-014 Solved Assignment 2015-16

2 – Data and File Structures (MCS-021)

Assignment Marks – 100

Download MCS-021 Solved Assignment 2015-16

3 – Introduction to Database Management Systems (MCS-023)

Assignment Marks – 100

Download MCS-023 Solved Assignment 2015-16

4 – C++ Programming (BCS-031)

Assignment Marks – 100

Download BCS-031 Solved Assignment 2015-16

5 -DBMS Lab (BCS-032)

Assignment Marks – 50

Download BCSL-032 Solved Assignment 2015-16

6 – Data and File Structures Lab (BCS-033)

Assignment Marks – 50

Coming Soon

6 – DBMS Lab (BCS-034)

Assignment Marks – 50

Coming Soon

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Remember – Last Date of  BCA Third Semester ( Revised Syllabus) Assignments Submission For July 20125 Session is 15th October, 2015 and for January 2016 Session its 15th April, 2016 .

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