College Coaching Job Cover Letter

Communicating with a coach at least once a month will strengthen your cause and help you develop your relationship with that coach. You demonstrate through phone calls and emails that you are committed to becoming a member of the team. Give the coach a reason to seek you out specifically at a camp, tournament or regular season game. Regular communication and an online recruiting profile will put you in a position where the coach is eager to evaluate your ability.

Cover letter

The best way to introduce yourself to a coach is with a personalized letter. When they're not out on the field, college coaches basically live in front of their computers, working on recruiting, answering emails, surfing the web for sports news, and so on.

Set a foundation

The first order of business is to send a letter and recruiting profile to the head coach at each of the colleges on your list. You want the coach to receive your email, print it out and create a folder in his filing cabinet with your name on it.

This letter serves as the foundation of your CaptainU Recruiting campaign. Without overstating the importance of your letter, recognize that it makes your first impression on the coach. It should be organized, well-written and exciting. Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes. Impress the coach with your attention to detail and professionalism.

Don't Start with a phone call

Do not begin your communication with a coach with a phone call. Unlike a letter, a call leaves no physical record. Remember, CaptainU Recruiting is about doing the coach's work for him. Present him with a written outline of your qualifications. Don't make him write out the transcript of an introductory phone conversation—he probably won't anyway. In fact, he's likely to ask you to send him a cover letter and recruiting profile.

Write your own letter

The structures, content, and sample cover letters that follow are suggestions. Don't merely reword the examples. The cover letter is an opportunity to express yourself. It's a chance to showcase who you are.

Be concise. Remember that this is just an introduction, so don't ramble on for eight pages. Your letter should be succinct—no more than 5-6 paragraphs—and informative. Establish a tone within your letter to distinguish it from the mass of communication the coach has to sift through. Find the middle ground between over-the-top absurd and sleep-inducing. Don't be afraid to include personal details that distinguish you from the pack—for example: "I do my training runs at altitude, on Mount Olympus." If you're so inclined be playful, sincere, thoughtful, anecdotal, whatever. Just don't beg. You are an asset; a coach will be fortunate to have you on his team.

Organization of the letter

Salutation: Address each letter personally—e.g., "Dear Coach Nascimento." Form letters addressed "To Whom it May Concern" actually create a negative impression.

Introduction: State the intention of the letter, that you are interested in playing for his team. Explain why you're interested in his college. Be specific. Coaches will love that you've done some research and aren't just spamming the world.

Self Description: Describe yourself as a player. Discuss what your tendencies are and the responsibilities you have on your team. If you're a team captain, say so.

Accomplishments: Briefly describe your qualifications and most recent awards. You don't have to list all of your accomplishments in your cover letter—that's what your recruiting profile is for.

The Next Step: Promise to follow up on this initial letter with a schedule of your team's games and tournaments. In the meantime, request any standard recruiting materials. Most coaches have general information forms they like recruits to fill out. This helps streamline the deluge of information they receive from prospective players.

Closing Phrase: "Sincerely," "All the best," etc.

Your Name: Type your name below your signature

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Cover Letter for Coach

An employer wants something convincing to take the pain of going through your resume. A cover letter is that official thing which has the potential of converting an inquiry for a job opening and job application into employment. If you are a sports enthusiast and have a few years of experience under your belt, or taking your first plunge in the field of coaching, you have to know the art of writing a coach cover letter. The below tips are applicable for a position as a basketball, football, hockey, or an athletic coach.

Tips to write a coach cover letter

A cover letter must have a header that includes applicant's name, address and contact details. Put in this information at the top or start of the page. Additionally, include the date on which you have written the letter.

Refer to the sports job you are seeking an employment for. This is necessary since the school or college you are applying to may have a separate coach for each sporting activity. Some may even hire one person who can train students in all types of sports. If your forte is badminton, then mention that the job application is for the position of Badminton Coach. The start of the cover letter is critical because whether it will be read by the hirere or not will depend on how impressive the initial sentences are.

Spill in your research on the school or the college team in the second paragraph. For example, if the team has not been performing well for the last few years because of its week defense line, state that you have analyzed the weakness and have a solution ready with you on this problem. In addition to expressing your ability to overcome problems, state an example where you have motivated and improved the performance of a team. If possible, include the testimonials of the principals, team caption or the club's director (if you are coaching a club team) in the letter.

In additional qualifications and skills, you can include your ability to offer physiotherapy to players, experience in representing the management in coaching conventions, formulating game plan and tactics in gaining advantage over opponent team, recognizing and polishing individual talent, etc.

Mention your contribution in summer camps, and matches as a player or coach. Since coaching is possible only after playing the game for a few years, participation in a national team in the game, or representing the country in international level will be impressive.

Cover Letter Sample

Tyler J. Wilson
360 Pin Oak Drive
Clinton, IA 52732
Phone: 563-242-7899

December 01, 2013

Derick J. Fenner
Glory High School
1 Daylene Drive
Clinton, IA 52720

Subject: Application for a position of Coach

Dear Fenner,

Grooming students in sports from school days is the best way to prepare players who could represent the country in an international event. I strongly believe in this thought and apply in my coaching career. I have been training basketball teams for six years and holds an impressive profile. I know your school is desperate to win an interstate basketball competition. I can help you achieve success if you consider my application for a coach position in Glory High School.

Before stepping into a coaching career, I have played this sports for many years since school days. I have been a regular team member of the school and college team throughout. Barring a couple of games, our team has excelled in many competitions. After adding a few caps for the team's crown, I took to coaching. The reason behind this decision is simple and justifiable. I could judge the game plan of the opponents and decide tactics for the match. I have been successful in winning games because of my initiative in reading the opponents by watching CDs of the game played.

You can see my nine years of experience in my resume as a coach for three different high schools. One additional advantage along with coaching experience I can offer you is my ability to offer physiotherapy to players as I hold a certification in this regard. I am loved by my team because of my willingness to hear and implement suggestions, if I find them worthy. I understand which area your team needs to work out, and I can make a big difference.

I can offer several references to you about my sporting career if you so desire. Please let's meet soon to bring a change in the sports records of your school. My cell phone is never switched off, and I can answer your call any time of the day. Thank you for your time.


Tyler J. Wilson

Enclosure: Resume

This letter has the ingredients to create first impression. The reader can make out that the applicant has done his homework and knows the area the team is lagging. So, before applying for a position of coach, please do some research and convince the authority that you can improve the situation.

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